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  • MF_Cover-Summer_14

    Modern Farmer Issue 5


    It’s the dog days of summer! To beat the heat, we offer an illustrated guide to saving water, a round-up of favorite farmer summer fashion and a big look at the world’s best swimming holes. Also: How a group of California entrepreneurs are trying to fix the drought, a look at coconut water’s sustainable future and why farming remains one of the most dangerous professions.

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  • ModFarmer4pack

    Modern Farmer’s First Year


    Start collecting Modern Farmer with a set of our first four issues!



  • MF_Cover-Spring_14New

    Modern Farmer Issue 4


    In Modern Farmer’s spring issue, we take you behind the scenes of the both familiar (Mark Kurlansky, author of “Salt,” explores milk) and the wacky (the phenomenon of animal rain). Seasonal how-tos include building your own fence or making raised beds. Learn about scientific glass blowing (farmers need test tubes!), the resurgence of growing local grain in the Northeast and a cheese made high up in the Alps. Fiction writer Tom Bouman dissects the trend of “rural noir,” and staff writer Jesse Hirsch digs into the futuristic notion of farming on man-made islands.

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  • Modern Farmer Issue Three

    Modern Farmer Issue 3

    Our winter issue is here!
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  • ModFarmFallCover

    Modern Farmer Issue 2

    In Modern Farmer's fall issue, expect to learn about farming near and far — from NASA's attempts to cultivate vegetables in space to Cornell's innovative new dairy barn. Seasonal how-tos include making your own wool dye, getting a backyard wind farm and extending your growing season into the winter. Also, Bill Clinton answers questions about his farming past and the future of food; meet the super-lettuce strains designed to withstand heatwaves; and learn about farm stays and farm-to-table restaurants in Slovenia, Mexico and Michigan.


  • ModFarmSpringCover

    Modern Farmer Issue 1


    The debut issue of Modern Farmer tackles monsoon season in India, the rise of organic farming in China, how wild boars may take over the world, and a deep look at the current state of humane slaughter. Pick up a single copy now!

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