Copy of Market Philosophy - Backup

First things first: when is the last time you went to your local farmers market? Go. Really, turn off this computer right now. And when you're there, find the best tasting, most beautiful offering you can, and tell us about it.

Now that you're back... welcome to the Modern Farmers' Market – we are just getting started and thrilled about all the great things to come.

Our market is a collection of high quality products – a few here now, and more on the way – that we think you'll love. Whenever possible we source our products from U.S. companies, and prefer well made, small production over large scale assembly. This is clothing that lasts, food that still has flavor, gifts that move and impress.

Authentic & local

Modern Farmer staff and enthusiasts regularly visit farmers' markets and artisan fairs across the country, gathering food, stories and crafts as they go. Many of products you will see here have been found on those travels.

Community batch purchasing

Modern Famers are sophisticated, passionate business people. But sometimes being a smaller producer means focussing on quality ahead of sales teams and real-time delivery.

Some of those quality products are sold here as community batch purchases - we offer a limited quantity of product for sale, and once we reach that limit, we place the order.

By gathering orders first, we avoid the risk of dead stock and product returns, which lowers the cost to consumers. By placing a one large order, producers can still reap the benefits of bulks sales.

Community batch purchasing helps support modern farmers and allows us to bring you products you wouldn't otherwise see.

Sustainable quality

We source our products from producers that demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental sustainability. We start with high quality goods, and then find ways to offer those goods at a competitive price.

Modern Farmer is the authoritative resource for today’s cutting-edge food producers and consumers: the farmers, wannabe farmers, chefs, and passionate home cooks who are influencing the way we eat right now. Blending hands-in-dirt service, soulful inspiration, and whip-smart reporting, Modern Farmer understands that a tomato is never just a tomato – it’s also a political, and deeply personal, statement about who we want to be and the world we hope to live in.



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